i don’t want it take it away-

ok i’m yours

vickypix powiedział(a): Oh I thought I answered you before,wied. Yes, you have to paste it there

that post shows there are 2 notes but I see only one message

absolutely hidoi

Thankies, gotta try it!

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vickypix powiedział(a): the good thing about XDCC is that you can start watching the show before the download is completed without any problems, it’s like streaming but better

good then, but you still didn’t answer my question


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vickypix powiedział(a): Download Xchat Then in the user information windows that appears just put your nickname and choose Rizon as your net in the edit button add #intel as your favorite channel. Search what you want to dowload here intel.haruhichan.com

ok thanks. Yet I’m still confused where I should copy that download link. For example I have Tokyo Ghoul ep 9 and I should copy it here?

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vickypix powiedział(a): If it’s something like crunchyroll is OK, but the free sites are fucking horrible, and they don’t sub shit they just steal other people’s work like mangafox does ( they are even worse than mangafox when it comes to quality)

well yes 

but it was even worse

it was

~~polish site~~

trust me, polish subs are absolutely MENDOUKUSAI

vickypix powiedział(a): If you need help with with IRC downloads just tell me, it’s surprisingly easy

if you could, i would be greateful as fuck

teach me your ways

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azurempress powiedział(a): Ah I have ad block and it loads automatically for me so…

I have adblock too but sometimes it’s not enough lol

I still remember watching stream of K project anime

it was pain

in 240p

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azurempress powiedział(a):WHAT?????

I don’t like streaming sites, too much waiting for buffering and ads everywhere.

vickypix powiedział(a):tokyotosho works and you can also use XDCC.

I should finally learn how to use that, goddamit. Time to come out from dark ages.

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vickypix powiedział(a): Fear the wrath of glorious nippon



glorious nippon steel shall cut through piracy

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azurempress powiedział(a):/uses stream sites sooooo

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azurempress powiedział(a):That’s ok right now batoto is down too

everything is kill

dark times of non-free animu came

we are lost

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