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 Where are my shotas when I have a mighty need

Anonim said: SPOILERS The elf thing that's the new sachiko.

I managed to deduct this.

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Sachiko has an older sister???? Had an older sister????

As my friend translated some lines : child couldn’t be born and died in mother’s womb, but another twin, little sister sachiko absorbed it.



Magi 233 spoilers (maybe)


In the middle of TLing japanese raw here but crap!..The development of these characters sped up so fast!! The raw could be a fake but it’s up to you guys to believe or not. Magi 233 is titled “Thoughts”

link us to jap raw honey

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More spoiler pics from Magi 233. Arba is now trying to call upon a dark spot unto Alma Toran

[muffled laugh at people who thought sheba is gyokuen]


So is Arba Gyoukuen now ???


I was on the yowapeda wiki to look up some stuff for Midousuji and then this happened.

Noiz Nendroid by GSC was announced

Just began to watch Blood Drive streams and HELL this game is even more scary than previous ones. Also, Bento scene on rooftop was SAIKO. I’m on chapter 1 so far.

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when I will finally finish this picture[it’s been 84 years.gif]